A place to relax body and mind.

The calm and warm atmosphere of this space will allow you to relax body and mind.

What better way to end a day of hiking or water sports than to take advantage of the sauna, the jacuzzi and enjoy a cup of tea on the south-facing terrace?

For your comfort and to guarantee the calm of the place, access to the Wellness Area is reserved for adults. This is a private area put at your disposal free of charge.

Enjoy genuine moment of relaxation.

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The benefits of a jacuzzi are many :  the combination of hot water and jets effectively relaxes muscular tension and pain, particularly in the back and neck area, while also relieving the joints, whether for arthritis or arthrosis.

It is also interesting to note that the Jacuzzi also has very positive effects on the mind. Indeed, the hot water and the hydro-massages bring a significant and immediate feeling of relaxation and well-being.

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The sauna is a wellness ritual that originated in Finland. It consists of staying in a room heated to a high temperature for a few moments and then leaving to enjoy the alternating heat and cold. The action of heat and cold makes this ritual particularly healthy for the skin, but not only that. Indeed, under the action of the heat, the body releases endorphins that promote sleep and relaxation. Moreover, sweating helps to expel toxins accumulated by the body. Finally, it improves the immune system.

Essential oils may be used (not supplied).

Personalised care

Make the most of your stay and treat yourself to some pampering !

Treatments should be booked directly, preferably in advance, with the external providers. 

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Soin esthétique - Be Organik

What is Be organik? A place for a wellness break with a large choice of body and facial treatments. All of this with an eco-responsible attitude including zero waste.Also discover  their range of massages and facials specially developed to allow you to relax in the heart of Saint-Renan. Discover also their hair removal and make-up formulas.

Botanical regenerating treatment 1h: 70€.
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Shiatsu is an energetic massage that uses pressure mainly with the thumbs or palms of the hand. It is used to rebalance vital energies, erase various tensions in the body and also to restore the well-being of the mind. Combined with reflexology, it contributes to physical and emotional balance.

1h15 : 60€
3h + Tibetan bowls: 100€.
Massages à Plourin

Intuitive massage

Because everyone has their own story, Isabelle offers an intuitive massage that can help release your emotions and soothe your mind  in order to regain vital energy  (10 minutes from Ker Gana).

Contact Isabelle to find out more and make an appointment on 06 84 22 36 65

60 minute-massage : 60€ 
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Tibetan singing bowls

7 Tibetan handcrafted bowls made of 7 precious alloys to emit a subtle resonance. The vibrations respond to each other, creating a sound bath that frees the body and mind, bringing a state of deep relaxation and a sense of opening of inner space. The sound and vibration of the bowls stimulate and regenerate your energety and contributes to a feeling of peace.

1h15 : 50€
For a group of 5: 60€ in total